This is what 200,000+ people standing up to Trump looks like: #ClimateMarch
370+ Sister Marches 🚶🏽🚶🏽‍♀️ 200K+ people in DC alone 🙋🏽 Countless beautiful art! 🎨 1 @POTUS who now knows: WE R…
Video from @ggjalliance about the powerful frontline communities who led at the #climatemarch #ittakesroots
Watch this amazing #climatemarch video from @IENearth ' #IndigenousRising
We have pledged to keep the momentum going, from supporting the #MayDay marches on Monday to organizing at the loca…
On the 100th day of Trump in office — the top story on Google News is massive resistance to his policies.…
UPDATE: #PeoplesClimate organizers announce new count — 200,000 people came today for #climatemarch
We’re gathering some of the best shots from photographers here: What a beautiful…
Quick stop @POTUS's hotel to let him know what we think of his climate agenda. Welcome to your 100th Day.…
BREAKING: 150,000 people are marching to surround Trump's White House to call for jobs, justice and climate action.…
We told you we were bringing the RESISTANCE to your doorstep @POTUS! #climatemarch
Climate justice cannot wait! We're going all the way to the White House. #ClimateMarch
Today, on the 100th day of the Trump administration we take our resistance to @POTUS! #ClimateMarch
"We are fighting for fair housing in D.C." - Schyla #climatemarch
Today @LeoDiCaprio is with us at the #climatemarch marching for the rights of Indigenous Communities

People's Climate March

To Change Everything, We Need Everyone.

100+ world leaders gathered in NYC. 2646 solidarity events in 162 countries. The largest climate march in history.

Add your voice to the massive call for climate action: