Thelma Young Thelma Young, September 15, 2014

The People’s Climate March can be – and in many ways already is – creating a tipping point moment for the world. Here are 6 reasons why September 21st is so important and why you won’t want to miss out:


1) This is the Time. This is the Place

World leaders will realize that climate change isn’t a niche issue and that the people of the world are waking up and demanding action.

There are people driving 37 hours in a van from Arizona to reach NYC for the march. There are people who built their own boats to come. There are people who are riding the train for days. Not only that, but people are gathering for over 2,200 events around the world. People everywhere will be taking to the streets. There’s real power in this kind of human energy.

“There’s a vast latent constituency of people out there who are alarmed about climate change. But for years, nobody has put up a banner that said ‘this is the time, this is the place, to show you care. The People’s Climate March is that banner, and we’re seeing a phenomenal response to it.” – Ricken Patel, executive director of Avaaz


2) Have to get on the path to a strong treaty….or else

Scientists are warning us that time is running out. The UN Climate Summit happening next week is a crucial step in ensuring that a strong legally-binding treaty is agreed to in Paris next year. If we can get world leaders on the right trajectory, then real action is possible. If not “then many believe that political progress is impossible.”

In Copenhagen people marched on the day of the meetings, but we are taking action now and will continue to build up towards the Paris negotiations in 2015. We will be so much stronger.

Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images

Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images


3) We are the Solutions

Even if political leaders don’t implement the change we need, communities can share solutions they are already implementing. We know that a just transition is possible, and many of us are already creating positive changes in our areas.


4) Preparing for the Long March – Together

The People’s Climate March is bringing together groups of people who have never worked together before. It will take all of us working together to create the necessary change.

On Saturday, New York City Community Garden Coalition President Ray Figueroa said at a Northern Manhattan Teach-In for the March “The People’s Climate March has already succeeded because it brought us together, now we are ready for the long march.”


4) Can’t be Ignored

The People’s Climate March is going to be HUGE. So huge that mainstream media outlets around the world won’t be able to ignore it. People everywhere will be reading it in their papers, blogs, social media feeds and more!


5) Your Mom is Coming

We have been hearing incredible stories of families coming – parents, grandparents, children that have never marched together before. The People’s Climate March is reaching across generations and because of that it will be so much stronger. Here’s one of my favorite recent tweets:


6) We’re all Taking a Leap of Faith

A must read article by 350’s Jamie Henn

“If you knew, that this time, your participation would really make a difference, if I could guarantee it, would you come? I bet you would. Too bad. There are no guarantees. There is no mathematical formula that states when X number of people care, Y changes overnight. In fact, the odds are stacked against us. Hope requires a leap of faith. But I’m telling you, and this I can guarantee, I think this is the right time to take that leap.”