We have a wonderful new website at There you can see a calendar of events, schedule a meeting or build time at the Mayday space in Brooklyn, and read about some of the amazing groups which are taking part in the march and what they are building and making in the space.

We can also find us on Facebook and Instagram and Tumblr!

It takes vision to build a movement. It takes creativity to transform society, and ourselves. We invite you to join us in building bold, innovative and vibrant artists wing of the People’s Climate March and surrounding actions so that we may help uplift the stories of our many communities and clearly communicate the historic urgency of this moment.Social Movements do not succeed without arts & culture that spark the public imagination and help give rise to a popular movement. We’re building a network of cultural workers who are rising to the challenge. Join us in linking together with other creators as we scheme, dream, sing, draw, paint, build, write, and perform creative resistance to the exploitative injustices of Climate Change and challenge those who profit from it. We are currently engaging artists who work with environmental justice, labor, immigration, youth, faith, scientists and more, creating new work both within and across communities.

Pick up a brush, pen, pencil, instrument or mic, and join us in creating the stories, images, songs and spectacles that will amplify this movement both in NYC and across the country, and communicate its urgent message across the world.

Here’s how to get involved:

      • Get on the  (for events in NYC, please email to join our mailing list)
      • Follow us on Facebook
      • Attend our regular artists hub meetings
      • Share what we’re working on so we can cross pollinate and collaborate
      • Come to the MayDay Space – Open Tuesday-Sunday!

If you’re near NYC, come visit our fabrication home base at the Mayday Space in Bushwick, where we are seeding and and harvesting ideas for transformational change through creativity, innovation, experimentation and solidarity. Mayday serves as a build site for some large art projects for the march, a launch pad and material source for arts production across NYC, and a platform for horizontal resource sharing and collaboration. We’d love your presence in making this space awesome!

The Mayday Space is at 214 Starr St. Brooklyn. [MAP]  In Bushwick, 1 block from the L train Jefferson Stop

Hours:  Sat – Sun 12-8PM |  Tues – Friday 3-8 PM

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Join the next national arts call:
Thursday, September 11th, 8:00pm ET

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Members of the MEDIA! There are amazing things happening in and around the People’s Climate Arts space. To visit the space or set up interviews, please contact Kate McNeely at

Visit us at the Mayday Space!
Address: 214 Starr St. Brooklyn. [MAP]  In Bushwick, 1 block from the L train Jefferson Stop

Hours:  Sat – Sun 12-8PM |  Tues – Friday 3-8 PM