We have nothing but admiration for the relationships you have with the Honey Bee, and would be honored if you joined us in the SWARM OF THE BEEKEEPERS. The Honey Bee has become a major poster child of the Earth Movement, as its decline is tied to multiple causes of Climate Change: toxins, habitat destruction, factory farming. So you are placed in a responsible position by this, both by the bees and by the many human beings that need the education you and the bees can give them.

Please join the other keepers/stewards/lovers of bees – and will you wear your veils — and, if possible, your bee suit or white clothingso our audience on the side of the road and can identify you? 

We are gathering for a PRE-MARCH rally with the Food Justice Contingent [sponsored by Organic Consumers Association] at 10:30am on Central Park West between 71st and 72nd.

NYPD asks that we enter the area via W. 77th or W. 81st Streets:
A / B / C trains to 72nd or 81st
1 / 2 trains to 79th
1 / 2 / 3 trains to 72nd

After the rally, we are marching between the scientists (a thousand of them in labcoats) and the environmentalists of faith. At the end of the march, we are joining the MUSIC BLOC PARTY for a few songs and celebration!

Because we may change locations between the rally, the beginning of the march, and afterward — we suggest that you join our text loop to get updated on any location changes as they happen [Text @SwarmPCM to 23559 to join]. Alternatively, you can also call Sister Dragonfly if you struggle to find us: 347.927.0569. 

Remember — there is going to be a LOT of joyful frenzy on Sunday — so please stay patient, positive and powerful– It’s all about the bees!

Of course we will also have signs, most of which are being made the day before at the BEE-IN! The Stop Shopping Choir has created 800 5-inch long bee dolls that we can pin to our clothing as we sing. And the Food Justice Contingent has also made hundred of paper bees to decorate ourselves as we parade on behalf of the amazing apis mellifera.

Also, if you are traveling in from out of town to join us and need a place to stay, do reach out to let us know so we can find a warm couch for you!

It’s gonna be soooo sweet!

Reverend Billy & Sister Dragonfly

PS — Can you also bring a jar of honey? 🙂


Please read and recite aloud our short, simple and sweet little pledge for the Swarm of the Beekeepers Bloc: I, ________________, from this day, _________, 2014, am hereby now and until eternity an outspoken and emphatic ally for the honey bees, in honor of their irreplaceable gifts of life, beauty and food. On their behalf, (More...)