OUR MISSION — We can’t fight climate change without fighting corporate power — and ultimately changing corporate behavior.

Join us at the People’s Climate March and march for the millions of people already challenging corporate power and calling out companies who place profits above human rights, endangered species, essential ecosystems and the very future of our planet.

We need to raise the alarm about:
· Corporations blowing up mountaintops in order to burn the coal inside.
· Corporations clearcutting rain forests in order to harvest cheap pulp and paper.
· Corporations building disaster-prone pipelines to transport oil across continents.
· Corporations destroying peatlands and releasing massive amounts of carbon to produce the palm oil found in most junk foods.
· Corporations actively lobbing against clean energy technology, public transportation initiatives, and environmental protections.

In the name of greater and greater profits, corporations have pushed the threat of climate change close to the point of no return.

Join us in the streets of New York this September! Help us fight climate change by:
· Keeping forests intact
· Keeping fossil fuels in the ground
· Keeping Indigenous communities safe and empowered, and
· Keeping the planet viable and verdant


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