Our Mission


OUR MISSION — The Great March for Climate Action is a community of people walking across the country, from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., to raise awareness and inspire action on the climate crisis. As we walk across the nation we collaborate with frontline communities, activist organizations, and individuals from all walks of life to address local environmental and climate concerns. Every day on the march we learn lessons from the earth and from the people we meet, many of whom are directly impacted by climate change and have already begun implementing solutions. Our work is to amplify their voices to evoke systematic change. You can visit us online at climatemarch.org or meet us in person in New York City (see below), or join us after the march as keep on trekking through Ohio (Toledo, Cleveland), Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh), Maryland, and of course Washington, D.C.

Organizing a Week of Resistance to Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

2:15-3:45pm, Saturday, September 20, Room 359, Empire State College, 325 Hudson St
The GMCA is part of the Beyond Extreme Energy Coalition, with whom we are organizing a week of nonviolent direct actions in Washington, D.C. for when we arrive there the first week of November. We’ll be sharing about our plans, and working with you to plan actions you might take against fossil fuel infrastructure where you live the same week. This is part of the Climate Convergence – register here.

Great March for Climate Action “hub” gathering

4pm, Saturday, September 20, M’Finda Kalunga Garden (in Sara D. Roosevelt Park), Chrystie St & Rivington St
A mostly informal gathering for the GMCA and friends and allies. We’ll be sharing stories and pictures from our journey, celebrating having made it this far, and gearing up for Sunday’s People’s Climate March.

March with the Great March for Climate Action in the People’s Climate March

9-11:30am, at the intersection of 83rd and Central Park West
Gather with us there and/or while we march with the masses along the march route to 11th Ave at the end of the march. In general you may be able to spot us by looking for our blue shirts with green Climate March logos.


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We would love to have you join us by marching for a day, a week, or all the way to D.C., or by signing up as a virtual marcher. You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

Join the next call:
Monday, 2pm PT / 5pm ET

(Just e-mail us if you can’t make it then)
E-mail us at: nyc@climatemarch.org