People's Climate Mobilisation

East Asia


Bahasa Indonesia

A public event in Jakarta to engage people, build support, and increase awareness on the ongoing coal campaign struggles in the communities of Indonesia, challenging the newly elected President to move pass coal.

Coal mining and coal-fired power plants are big issues in East Asia. Being in the front line of climate change, the communities here not only struggle with extreme weather events that have caused huge damages to the people’s lives and local economies, but also suffer from other issues related to coal: health, pollution, food security, social injustice etc. As most of the countries are developing countries, the governments still see coal as the cheapest solution to their energy needs.

To join with millions of global people in the People’s Climate March (PCM) on September 21 to confront the power of fossil fuels, and to shift power to a just, safe, peaceful world, East Asia will organize actions across the region to bring up these survival issues to the public awareness and call to the governments to stop coal for the benefits of the people. Indonesia has been identified as the key country of coal-related struggles, as it is the world’s biggest coal exporter, with 383 million tons of coal exported in 2012, going to most of the countries in the region (China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand). In addition to that, the new President of Indonesia will be officially inaugurated in October, so and its partners will organize an action day in September to get his attention and influence his opinion on the coal issue.

We are organizing several activities in the lead-up to September 21 which includes social media training, media briefing, exposure trips, dialogues, consultations, and others. With these, we dream of winning over the tyranny of the dirty industry and because we believe that the key of winning is by working together, we want to engage with you and learn how we can creatively support and strengthen ongoing grassroots campaigns in order to:

Remind the urgency for real action on the ongoing climate crisis through highlighting grassroots struggles and stories.

Bring momentum to the regional coal campaign, through empowering and supporting communities, and increasing network support against coal across the region.

Engage broad networks for coal narratives (e.g. food not coal) and adding value or support in ongoing coal campaigns.

In addition to the event in Indonesia, solidarity events in the region will be supported on the same day, and could be in various creative forms (rallies, activists workshop, art performance and installations etc), all with the same message.

No matter where you are in East Asia, join us in this amazing mobilization. You can always organize your own event or activity in your university, community: Screen our videos, organize workshop on climate campaigning, start a social media campaign, launch a small renewable energy project for community etc. Tell us about your plan and how we can help. Don’t forget to document your event and send us your materials. You can also use #peoplesclimate on social media when posting content — we’ll be tracking the hashtag.

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