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Join us on 19 – 21 September to demand climate leadership. Organise an eye-catching action calling on your university, town hall or faith institution to divest from fossil fuels.

We’re all part of institutions that continue to invest in fossil fuel companies, despite knowing they plan to burn 5 times more oil, coal and gas than they need to wreck the climate.  It’s time for world leaders and our local institutions to stand up to this rogue industry and start popping the carbon bubble (ie. investments in unburnable carbon reserves).

That’s why all across Europe, a new divestment movement has been pushing church leaders, universities, city councils, medical institutions and pension funds to break their financial and reputational ties with this industry. By divesting from fossil fuel companies, our institutions can show real climate leadership. Together we can start dismantling the power and influence fossil fuel companies have enjoyed for so many years and shift Europe towards climate action and solutions.

As world leaders gather at the climate summit in New York, let’s send a strong message from Europe that we want real climate leaders – and that means cutting ties with the fossil fuel industry – divestment now!

Organise a divestment event on 19th or 20th September at your university, city or church and send us a photo. We will bring your photos along with pictures from people around the world demanding action on climate change to the People’s Climate March in New York on 21st September.

Here are some ideas of how you can demand divestment:


Carbon bubble volleyball


Arrange a game of ‘carbon bubble volleyball’ outside the main entrance of your institution. The world is inflating a carbon bubble by continuing to invest in fossil fuels we’ll never be able to burn.  Why not stage a volleyball game between your institution and the fossil fuel industry to highlight how crazy this is?


Frame your demands


Create a stunning photo petition by asking the public to demand divestment by posing for photos in your frame. Don’t forget to collect their details and add it to your online petition later on. Can you think of a creative way you could deliver the petition or a letter detailing your demands to your institution to make the campaign highly visible?



Take a crazy picture of yourself or your group shouting out for fossil freedom and share it using the #fossilfree hashtag!

UEA hand-in Valentine's cards to VC with banners.jpg


Pop the carbon bubble

Know how much your institution invests in fossil fuel companies? Write it on a giant balloon, fill it with fake money and invite a representative to ‘pop’ the bubble somewhere public to highlight how much is at stake!   Or even better, how about invading an iconic location with human sized carbon bubbles like these Oxford students did?


Want to find out more about divestment and the carbon bubble? Visit

Organise plans for your carbon bubble action – get people committed to taking action, divide responsibilities among the group, set up communication tools, keep your team motivated and ready for 20 September!

Find the Fossil Free campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

You can use #fossilfree #divest and #peoplesclimate on social media when posting content – we’ll be tracking the hashtags.

Don’t forget to document your event and send us your materials!