400,000 marched in NYC. We had about 10,000 people of faith on our lovely, chaotic block of 58th Street. There were 2,808 solidarity events in 166 countries around the world.

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Roosevelt (Roo) Credit, firing up the Interfaith Contingent on 58th Street


We did something truly unprecedented on September 21. 

Along with 390,000 of our brothers and sisters, 10,000 people of faith gathered and marched in NYC to affirm a new commitment to work towards a sustainable, just, and fossil-fuel free future. We’ve collected a few photos and other media here to help everyone relive that amazing day.

We are moving, inexorably, towards that cleaner, more just future — and we couldn’t have said that louder to world leaders than we did on that Sunday in September.

So – now what?

The March showcased our capacity to come together to respond to the climate crisis. How do we capitalize on this remarkable momentum and outpouring of energy to further the goals we all share? We’ll all be thinking, and strategizing, and working on that in the days and weeks to come. Here are some preliminary thoughts:

The first thing we can all do is sign on to OurVoices.net.

The Our Voices campaign is an opportunity for people of faith and moral belief to publicly commit to pray that the Paris 2015 UN Climate Summit succeed in reaching a strong and just global climate agreement. By signing we express our love and concern for all our children, for vulnerable people, and for our precious planet.

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Planning is under way for a vigil in NYC on December 7, 2014, as part of the OurVoices “#LightForLima” campaign. Read more here, and contact Pat Almonrode (palmonrode@gmail.com) if you’re interested in attending and/or helping to plan the vigil.

You may also want to consider signing:

  • Commit2Respond, a multi-faith effort led by Unitarian Universalists “to shift energy, grow the movement, and advance the rights of peoples impacted by climate change.”
  • The Faith Climate Petition, people of faith calling on U.S. political leaders “to take a lead role in helping to craft a moral global framework for the UN climate negotiations that will culminate in Paris 2015.”

The next thing we can do is to continue to nurture and expand the coalitions that we’ve built. One way to do that is to continue to use our listservs.

For some months now we’ve been using two email listservs to organize in the faith community: one that folks all over the world could join to learn about and participate in the activities of the Interfaith Contingent at the NYC March; and another just for NYC-area faith leaders involved in the March.

In the coming days we’ll be re-purposing these listservs for use in continuing to build and mobilize a faith response to the climate crisis. If you’re already on one of our lists, you don’t need to do anything different right now. If you’re not on one of our lists and would like to join in that upcoming work, just click this button:

We’ll also be re-purposing our Facebook page: Facebook page

You can find others from your own faith tradition who are working on the climate crisis here. And we’re continuing to gather resources for the work ahead here.

Please continue to visit the faith hub. We hope this will be a meeting place, an information clearinghouse, and a resource for all people of faith working to respond to this, the greatest challenge the world has ever faced.