Here’s all the latest logistical information for the day of the March. Check back here often for updates.

Getting around:

Check the MTA Travel Advisory website for changes to subway service. Note that we’ve been informed that there will be normal service on the C line – all of the stops along Central Park West will be open (both uptown and downtown).


The Interfaith Contingent – i.e., all of the faith groups together –  will assemble on 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues on the day of the March. You will be able to enter the block from 9th Avenue only.

  • The Columbus Circle subway stop WILL BE OPEN on Sunday, but you will not be able to enter the assembly area from the 8th Avenue side. If you get off the subway at Columbus Circle, you’ll need to walk west (on 57th or 59th Street) to 9th Avenue, where you can enter the assembly area.
  • You may enter the block as early as 8:00 am on the day of the March.
  • Within the block, each denominational or faith-tradition group will have a designated gathering area. Here’s a map:

2014.09.15 58th Street Staging Area Map

Please note that this map is meant only to give a rough idea of where each group will assemble – for instance, Baptists will meet on the south (downtown) side of 58th Street, somewhere at about the middle of the block. Volunteers will be at the 9th Avenue entrance to guide everyone to their gathering areas, and pennants for each group will also be distributed. When you enter the block on Sunday, talk with the volunteers and/or look for the pennant for your group.

Pre-March multi-faith prayer and invocation service:

All are welcome to join us on 58th Street for a pre-March multi-faith prayer and invocation service, sponsored by GreenFaith and, beginning at 11:00 am.

There won’t just be prayers and invocations from diverse religious leaders. Our musical guests will include world-famous cellist Michael Fitzpatrick, who’s performed with the Dalai Lama, and the amazing vocalist Roosevelt Credit. There’ll be other special guests too!

We’ll also pray and meditate together – about the impacts of climate change on the poor, and about our love for our precious planet. We’ll have a replica of an Ark and a mosque to show that we need to act now to save and protect life – and that the whole Earth is a sanctuary, a place of prayer. In our time together, we’ll become a new, rainbow community of faiths and spiritualities, joined in joyful celebration and passionate concern.

A first-rate sound system will guarantee that everyone on the block will be able to hear and participate. Join us!


The various contingents of the March have been grouped into six “themes” to help weave our many powerful messages together:

  • Frontlines Of Crisis, Forefront Of Change
  • We Can Build The Future!
  • We Have Solutions!
  • We Know Who Is Responsible!
  • The Debate Is Over!
  • To Change Everything, It Takes Everyone!

The Interfaith Contingent will be marching as part of the fifth theme (The Debate Is Over). You don’t need to change your plans, or do anything, to respond to this theme. It’s merely the element that our section represents within the overall story told by the March. We’ll be joining the March when that thematic section reaches Columbus Circle (see below).

Step-off time:

The Interfaith Contingent will step off from 58th Street to take its place within the march whenever the “Debate is Over” theme group reaches Columbus Circle. We’re anticipating this will be sometime between 12:30 and 1:30, but it could be earlier and may very well be later.

March route:

Once we’ve taken our place within the Debate is Over theme group, we’ll all proceed along the following route:

2014.08.18 PCM route map

The March will end on 11th Avenue in the four-block area between 38th and 34th Streets.

Moment of Silence to Moment of Alarm – 12:58 pm:

The march is being led by frontline communities and indigenous groups from around the continent and the world, many of whom are the first victims of climate change. At 12:58 we’re having a moment of silence to honor those on the front lines. When you see people start linking hands above their heads, that’s the sign the moment of silence is beginning.

(You can also text ALARM to the number 97779, any time before the march, to receive a reminder about the moment of silence)

At 1:00 pm we’ll end that moment of silence with a great, big noise — sounding the climate alarm that has gone ignored for too long. You’ll know it’s time to ring that alarm and make as much noise as you can when you hear our 32 marching bands blowing their horns, shofars sounding, and church bells ringing out around the city. Let’s make a holy noise!

Songs for Marching:

Go here for lyrics to some of the songs that we’ll sing while marching.

What to bring (and not to bring):
  • Make and bring your own signs, banners, t-shirts and flags to identify your congregation and/or faith tradition – be creative! Do not use metal, wooden, or even plastic poles or supports for your signs and banners; only cardboard tubing or string.
  • Bring refillable water bottles (please no disposable bottles!). There will be water refill stations along the route. You will probably want to bring some light food, too – granola bars, fruit, a sandwich, etc.
  • Backpacks or large bags are discouraged. “Fanny packs” are recommended. Travel as light as you possibly can.
  • Child strollers are fine, as are walkers for those who need them. Those little stool-cane combinations are fine too. If you need it, bring it – but again, try to travel as light as you can.
  • Do not bring bullhorns; however, unamplified musical instruments are encouraged.
  • It will probably take at least 2 hours to get from Columbus Circle to the end of the route – so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Check the forecast and dress appropriately. If it’s going to be a sunny day, bring sun-screen and wear a hat.
  • Bring a garbage bag to pick up litter along the way!

For those with mobility issues:
We have been working to make the People’s Climate March fully accessible to those with mobility issues. We hope the following will be helpful.
1) Wheelchairs
A limited number of wheelchairs will be available for those would like to use one for the day. These will be available at two locations:
  • In the assembly area where the Elders contingent is gathering – Central Park West at 68th Street. The closest entrance to this area is on 72nd Street, coming from Columbus Ave.
  • On the NW corner of 44th Street and 6th Ave., about halfway along the route.
Wheelchairs will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
2) Halfway waiting area
Those who want to participate but cannot travel the whole route can gather on the NW corner of 44th Street and 6th Avenue (about halfway along the route). You’re welcome to bring folding chairs or stools to sit on while you wait. Folks waiting here will be integrated into the flow of the march at a time that will be determined on Sunday.
Anyone who starts at their assembly location but cannot finish the entire March can also exit here to rest.
3) Vans
At the very end of the March we will have two buses to pick up people who are unable to complete the route. If you can, go to 44th Street and 6th Avenue to wait, but if not, just wait wherever you are and flag down the buses when they near you. The buses will take you to the closing activities at 11th Avenue.
4) Porta-Potties
There will be Porta-Potties in our assembly area on 58th Street, some at 44th Street and 6th Avenue, and at the 11th Avenue closing area. Many of these will be ADA compliant; specific locations of those will be posted as soon as possible.

After the March:

There are plans for various activities and opportunities for engagement for the end of the March. One of these will be the Climate Ribbon Project. If you’d like to help facilitate Climate Ribbon rituals, email Ilea Burgos at

Of course, all are invited to the multi-faith service at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, uptown at Amsterdam and 110th Street. Go here for more information, and to get a pass (not required but strongly suggested). To get from the end of the march to the Cathedral:

  • take the M11 bus up 10th Avenue (which becomes Amsterdam Avenue). The bus has a stop near the Cathedral; or
  • take the C subway from Penn Station (34th and 8th Avenue) to Cathedral Parkway/110 Street. Walk west to Amsterdam Avenue, then turn north; or
  • take the 1 subway from Penn Station to Cathedral Parkway/110 Street. Walk east to Amsterdam Avenue, then turn north.

NYC buses are handicapped-accessible. The subway stops on Cathedral Parkway are not handicapped accessible.


There will be a few Porta-Potties on our block of 58th Street, some at 44th and 6th, and more at the end of the March.

The information here will be updated as needed, so check back frequently! Questions about the logistics for the Interfaith Contingent, or suggestions about this page? Email Pat Almonrode at