OUR MISSION — Join the Free Palestine Block at the People’s Climate March to highlight the grave injustices committed by Israel against the Palestinian people: from curtailing their resources, halting their access to drinking water, stopping access to irrigation and cultivatable land, lack of a seaport or sustainable fisheries, to the devastation caused by decades of relentless war and the emotional and mental trauma that results from the creation of settlements and destruction of communities, the list goes on. In light of the current genocide that has resulted in the deaths of nearly 2,000 Palestinians, talking about the climate injustices and profound environmental crimes against them is crucial.

Why the People’s Climate March? It has come to the attention of climate justice organizers and activists that this March is endorsed by several Zionist organizations that support the occupation and destruction of Palestine. Given the current massacre of the Palestinian people at the behest of a US/Israeli military-industrial complex that is one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels in the world— having Zionists at a climate justice march doesn’t seem to make sense.

Join the Free Palestine block to say that there is no climate justice movement that excludes human rights and justice for all.


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