People's Climate Mobilisation

[VIDEO] Vietnamese youth uses creativity in tackling coal during People’s Climate March

written by Bethany Lovato, Vietnam’s volunteer     Coal is the leading source contributing to pollution and climate change in the world; it currently accounts for one-third of all CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Coal’s contamination seriously affects the quality of our health, wildlife and environment. It has been ingrained into our industrial production so deeply (More...)

Arusha, Tanzania: The Quiet Voice of Change

written by Lelo Munis  This is a big deal. Virtually every climate scientist in the world agrees that we are currently on the brink of a human-caused climate catastrophe. Yet, even though climate change is happening right now; even though it is having real consequences on real people every day, it is still all too (More...)

*Together* it’s possible

The last days were incredible! So many of us went out to call for #ActionNotWords. There were marches, workshops, vigils, picnics, meditations, flashmobs and even hikes. We gathered indoors and outdoors, came on foot and on bikes – and sometimes other kinds of wheels. Nothing got in our way! Not even the rain! If this (More...)

Incredible scenes of climate action across London

Wow – what a day! I’ve been roaming the streets of London with the Fossil Free Bloc since 10am – the numbers and the energy of people there was truly inspiring. Here’s a bit of a run down. The day kicked off with divestment actions at UCL and LSE.       Meanwhile the British Museum (More...)

It’s happening!

It started — The People’s Climate Mobilisation is happening all over the world! Just get a sense of what it looks like right now: Rallies in Lisbon and Delhi, marches in Istanbul, Manila, Cape Town, Majuro and Papua New Guinea, concerts in Johannesburg — this is true people powered movement: enormous, powerful, diverse and beautiful. (More...)

Bill McKibben: Everyone, Everywhere (VIDEO)

“All the world coming together this weekend to sound the climate alarm- you gotta be a part of this. This is the one you’re gonna want to tell your kids their kids and their kids about.” Where will you be on September 20-21? Bill McKibben invites you to join thousands and take action wherever you (More...)

Olivia Linander: Europe, time to mobilize and divest! (Video)

All around the world, people will be coming together for a weekend of historic action on climate change. Our collective demand is for Action, Not Words: take the action necessary to create a world with an economy that works for people and the planet.  In London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, etc – hundreds of events (More...)

I Demand Future

by Özgecan Kara (Özgecan Kara is a member of Young Greens of Turkey. She is a columnist and editor for Yeşil Gazete, the only independent green newspaper of Turkey. For more, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter @ozgevon)   I actually didn’t want to write this post and I lingered on (More...)

People’s Climate March Kicks-Off in Vietnam

[by Chuck Baclagon]  60 young climate communicators kick-started People’s Climate Mobilisation Vietnam campaign, when they gathered together in the Climate Change Communication Camp (4C) which took place on September 5-7 in Da Nang (Vietnam). The workshop was co-organized by and Redraw the Line. During the 3-day workshop, the young participants not only learned from the prominent (More...)

Action Not Words: People’s Climate Mobilisation in the Pacific

  The Peoples Climate march in New York City this September is a major mobilization to demand bold, political action to address the climate crisis. The Climate Crisis is something very relevant to people in the Pacific. Our closest neighbor Australia, just last month approved what will become one of the world’s largest coal-mines, the (More...)

Fiji’s Pacific Climate Warriors Are Ready to Stand Up for Climate Change Action · Global Voices

This article was written by Fenton Lutunatabua from, an organization building a global climate movement, in the lead-up to the People’s Climate March and global mobilisation, and is adapted for republication on Global Voices as part of a content sharing agreement   While young Fijians were marching in solidarity in the streets of Suva, across the Pacific, the 350 Vanuatu (More...)

VIDEO: People’s Climate March – OCEANIA Oceania Region Coordinator, Aaron Packard explains the momentum building across Australia and the Pacific Islands in preparation for the People’s Climate Mobilisations on Sept 20-21st.   ——— All around the world, people will be coming together for a weekend of historic action on climate change. Our collective demand is for Action, Not Words: take the (More...)

VIDEO: People’s Climate March – Indonesia

“Our demand is for Action, Not Words: take the action necessary to create a world with an economy that works for people and the planet – now. In short, we want a world safe from the ravages of climate change.” On September 21 350 Indonesia together with communities and other organizations will march at Bundaran HI to (More...)

Our Collective Drumbeat

I am not much of a writer, but I can’t help but write about what I’m witnessing right now. Both as 350 and as a larger climate movement, I believe we are hitting a new stride – and it is completely thrilling to both be a part of and imagine where this could take us. (More...)

Introducing the Global Climate Ambassadors!

On September 21 the largest climate mobilisation will be taking place in NY and beyond. A delegation of globally diverse grassroots leaders will be in attendance at the NY march to ensure voices from movements and campaigns around the world are heard. They will also emphasise various ongoing struggles which will carry forwards beyond September. (More...)

Walking for our Children’s Futures

  Article by Alan Cuthbertson On Sunday 21st of September, four people will head off on a walk from Melbourne to Canberra. They will carry with them a petition requesting real action on climate change.  I will be one of them. The walk will take a month. Climate action takes many forms, and we hope (More...)

Bring your friends to make history

So exciting — thousands are joining events around the globe to make the People’s Climate Mobilisation a historic climate moment! Just so you know: right now there are events registered in more than 130 countries which will be joined by many others like you — people from all backgrounds and cultures, holding a common ask (More...)

VIDEO: Why CARE is marching for the climate this September

  CARE’s Secretary-General Robert Glasser explains why he and other CARE International staff are supporting a series of climate marches and events to coincide with the UN climate summit on 21 September.    ——— All around the world, people will be coming together for a weekend of historic action on climate change. Our collective demand is (More...)