People's Climate Mobilisation


This is the weekend prior to a climate change summit UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is hosting for political leaders in New York City on September 23rd. It will be the most high-profile, global moment focused on climate change in years. A mass march in New York City will take place on Sunday the 21st, and we will mobilise around the world over the course of the whole weekend.
There will be many messages and slogans during and surrounding the People’s Climate Mobilisation but the core, unifying slogan is “Action. Not Words” and you can add your locally or nationally relevant demand to that.
Start your own event! Click here for action ideas for what you can do where you live. No matter if it’s your first time organising or not, we invite anyone, anywhere to take the lead. Join in here.
  • The New York City head of state climate summit and People’s Climate March offer us one of the best opportunities for globally united climate action we’ve had in a number of years. We are more ready than ever to use that moment, not only as a show of collective power, but also as a means of power-building for regional and national efforts that are ongoing and growing. Thus, we are planning a global day of action as well as lead-up and follow-up work that will internationalise our impact and strengthen national and regional efforts.
  • The track record of governments on climate, without action from below, is terrible. Moreover, the New York summit is an opportunity to place climate justice issues from all over the globe in the spotlight.
  • We need very swift action on climate change, not words. Already, climate change impacts are being felt by frontline communities around the world. These effects are exponentially bad for the most vulnerable and will only get worse if carbon emissions are not cut drastically
  • Meanwhile, the transition to a world with an economy that works for people and the planet offers significant advantages. Already, renewable energy is starting to be more cost effective compared to fossil fuels. This is an opportunity to curb emissions and introduce more people to clean energy. The New York summit also offers a chance to press that point globally.
Yes, but please note the following: as much as possible we want to concentrate our actions around the same dates (20-21 September), so as to increase the collective impact of coordinated action and communications. Yet, in some places taking action in the days prior might be more strategic locally, and that is ok. Specifically in Europe, some Fossil Free divestment actions will be held on the 19th of September, and internationally some Reclaim Power groups are planning actions at embassies starting as early as 15 September – all as part of the People's Climate Mobilisation. If you are considering dates other than 20-21 September, please just consider dates that fall before the main mobilisation weekend, not after, as afterwards it will be late for including the photos or videos from your efforts in the communications of our collective action.
Only if you are already in the United States on those dates. But what we really hope for is you lending your voice to the NY action by mobilising in your own region and lending the action in NY a global prominence. This is a global emergency and only a truly global mobilisation can reflect this. Here are some basic methods of participation.
  • The People’s Climate Mobilisation is one of many mobilisation points where we will be demanding a solid global action plan by 2015 - a shared and agreed strategy for rapidly growing the scope and scale of the ongoing transition, so that a safe climate with all its benefits for people and planet is possible. The choice before the political leaders coming together in NY is simple: lead the necessary transformation of our societies or ignore the biggest risk our civilization has ever faced.
  • Next year, there will be two crucial milestones on the journey to create the fairer, cleaner and safer world called for by the citizens to which these political leaders are accountable: In September 2015, they will reconvene in New York to agree on the definite to-do list for ending poverty worldwide - an impossible task without addressing climate change, a threat to so many of life’s basics: water, food, shelter, and safety. A global action plan on climate change is then due in Paris three months later.
  • Taken together, this gives government leaders 15 months from the Summit this September to prepare a shared and agreed strategy to fine-tune the goals and manage the details of the ongoing transition, while keeping track of the efforts undertaken country-by-country and making sure it all adds up. Throughout these 15 months we will continue to campaign and mobilize to ensure the climate crisis gains the political urgency it needs.
That’s up to all of us and how we plan to lead our organising and campaigning forward beyond September. There is already an exciting array of plans that you can engage in. You can visit the timeline here. Or if you have other local plans we will be excited to learn about those too. Please keep in touch.
  • No, this is a separate and unique mobilisation, particular to September 2014, though we will undoubtedly need to continue mobilising and growing the movement beyond this moment too.
  • The UNFCCC has largely been led by delegates and negotiators, and this summit differs in that Ban Ki-moon is calling for political leaders to come to the table directly.
  • The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for a summit on September 23rd, where world leaders will gather to discuss, and hopefully commit to bold actions to address the climate crisis. Ban Ki-moon has smartly called for this forum as something additional and distinct from traditional UN climate negotiations, knowing that the urgency and seriousness of the climate crisis is so real that the global community must move faster than the UNFCCC has been able to accomplish thus far.