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Organizing Guide

Whether you are a seasoned activist or a first-time organizer, here is a simple guide to get you started. Not all these steps may apply to you. There is a very simple and relatively easy way to participate in PCM. Check it out first, and you’ll be on your way to planning a creative, engaging, and powerful action in your community or city!


1) Bring together a coordinating team

Bring together a core team of people with the necessary skills or expertise that you require for your action. Remember to involve partner organisations who can either be part of your core team or will be tactical allies with whom you share ideas and information.

2) Invite People to join you

Invite your friends, neighbours, and local organizations to assist in sponsoring, organizing and participating in the action. Reach out to the local church, mosque, synagogue, labour union, sports team, university, or arts cooperative that would be interested in getting involved in the issue.

3) Planning

14756655073_82fccba1b7_zDecide on the message, the action and the location. Ensure that you have a clear and well articulated message that you wish to communicate to your audience, whether they be media, government, partners, or community members. For the People’s Climate Mobilisation specifically here is a very simple and relatively easy way to participate:

Share a group photo from an iconic site, such as a fossil fuel extraction zone, a specific fossil energy plant, areas under threat from climate change effects, or other locations connected with the climate struggle using #peoplesclimate hashtag. One common slogan that can be used (on banners, etc.) in photos is ‘Action, Not Words: …..!’ (add your local, national, or regional demand in dotted area at the end) or the local equivalent if it translates well into your language.

The beauty of global days of action is the variety and creativity of actions organized across the world. Common action ideas include organizing a walk or a march through your town or city, a rally with speakers and music in your central plaza, a hike, a potluck, a community discussion, or a service project. Whatever your action, be sure to think about the best photo opportunity to capture your action and everyone who attends – photos are the primary way we link up actions worldwide and tell our story.

4) Logistics

Take care of all logistical details as soon as you can, including the timing of the action, directions, transportation, bathrooms, sound system, permits for use of public spaces, sponsorships etc. if you need them.

5) Spread the Word

Make a plan to reach out. Set a goal for how many people you’d like to see at the event and try to create a plan for reaching far more than that number. Ensure that you register your event. Invite and link up with partner organisation interested in your action. Talking to schools, religious groups, community meetings, putting up posters around town, sending emails through listservs, getting a public service announcement on the local radio, share on social media, send out emails, write editorials for local newspapers, get on community calendars, ask organizations to include the action information in newsletters and bulletins and put up posters all over town.

6) Create your visuals

Signs, photos, banners are key to getting the message across to passers-by and the media. If you can, host a time to paint banners and signs before your action, and invite volunteers to come. Banners and signs with the local equivalent of ‘Action, Not Words: …..!’ (add your local, national, or regional demand in dotted area at the end) would help link all the PCM actions together.

7) Inform the Media

It’s important to contact local, state, and national media to make sure they report on PCM actions in your area. Think about what print, radio, television, and online sources you’d want to have cover your event and start getting in touch now! Click here for a media kit.

8) Take Action

The months of planning culminate in this moment! Share your photos on Facebook and other social media such as Twitter and Instagram with the #peoplesclimate hashtag.  Also send it to your friends and press contacts. Have a fun and meaningful day, knowing that you’re part of a global effort to create pressure to solve the climate crisis.

9) Report Back

This part is very important: As soon as your action is over, be sure to select your best photo, video footage and written stories from your action and submit them here. This will enable the communications team to deliver the strongest possible message to the media and to the world’s decision-makers.


Thanks for being a part of this important movement for change!


Action Ideas

6182715304_619c6bfbc4_zThe People’s Climate Mobilisation is an opportunity for people to take action on climate change everywhere and amplify one another’s voices. The biggest march will likely be in New York, but we need to let the summit attendees know that there is no respite anywhere. So let’s organise everywhere – including where you live! Below are some sample action ideas you can use for the weekend of September 20-21, 2014.

One common message we will bombard the leaders in NYC with is that the time for words is long gone. It has been time for real action without results for far too long already. A common slogan that can be used (on banners, etc.) in photo shoots is ‘Action, Not Words: …..!’ (add your local, national, or regional demand in dotted area at the end). Photos can be submitted by social media share using #peoplesclimate hashtag and at this link.


Photos from Iconic Locations/Struggles

6998081778_357d6d7c6a_zA group photo from an iconic site, such as a fossil fuel extraction zone, a specific fossil energy plant, areas under threat from the effects of climate change, or other locations connected with the climate struggle. These are  usually relatively quick actions to organise. This type of action could involve a banner drop or a gathering of people or any kind of peaceful action that leverages on the location you have chosen. Here are some examples from past days of action. You can also check these tips and this guide for creative ways to spice up your photoshoot and other actions


Rallies and Marches

6178960105_dcdf472dc9_zRallies and marches are a common tactic employed by many campaigners to push a message. Rallies are effective if they bring large number of people together in support of a particular issue. If you have an issue that you can get people to rally for, this is a GREAT tactic to pursue. Local rallies and marches against local fossil energy projects, those highlighting climate change effects, or those pushing for solutions would help get the message across to those gathered for the summit in in New York. There is also something inherently awe-inspiring about multiple rallies on the same issue taking place on the same weekend  all over the globe. See past examples from rallies and marches here.

Major events will take place in New DelhiLondon, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Berlin and İstanbul among others. Be sure to register your event too.


Other Actions

Petitions with specific asks, workshops, and all other non-violent types of actions can also be used to connect with the People’s Climate March using the hashtag #peoplesclimate. You can register those events too.

For more action ideas and resources, check out the organizing guide section.



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Below, you’ll find a suite of resources that you can take, use, and distribute far and wide.


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Media Kit

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