OUR MISSION —People interested in working on Graphic Design Projects for other HUBs that are forming as part of the grassroots organizing structure for the People’s Climate March. We try to find Graphic Designers willing to contribute their skills and time to Groups that need designs posters, stickers, branding, icons.


If you are a HUB looking for some design help, please contact design4pcm (at) to make your request.  We recommend that your request
include the following:

  • What is the item you want designed (posters, sticker, t-shirt, etc)
  • What is the turn-around time? When do you need to get it to the printer to be ready for your event.
  • Will the design be text based? Or incorporate an image?
  • Will the designer be coming up with/sourcing the image? Or will your group?
  • What is your group? Brief description of your specific climate justice issue or constituency. (1 or 2 sentences) Or a link to your HUB or webpage if you have one.
  • Contact person
  • If you have a link or image that is an example of the style you are looking for that is going to be very helpful.

We will put out the call for you on our list and see if any of our designers are available. Please be ready with the following:

  • All the text the group wants on the flier/poster/ t-shirt etc. Posters should have less text, fliers okay to have more
  • Any design preferences  (colors, images) the group wants to use or “we want it to be in the style of this”-type example.
  • Size
  • Printing budget worked out – If your group is requesting a color poster design, please ensure that your group has the resources to print a color poster.
  • Any specifications from the printer (does it need a bleed?) that your designer will need to know.

If you are Designer (professional or just good skills + a desire to help):

Come to an Event Join on Facebook

Join the next orientation call:
Wednesday, 6pm ET

(Just e-mail us if you can’t make it then)