Will Bates Will Bates, September 20, 2014

It started — The People’s Climate Mobilisation is happening all over the world!

Just get a sense of what it looks like right now:

Your Turn

Rallies in Lisbon and Delhi, marches in Istanbul, Manila, Cape Town, Majuro and Papua New Guinea, concerts in Johannesburg — this is true people powered movement: enormous, powerful, diverse and beautiful. People from all backgrounds acting locally, mobilising their communities, shaping the future of our planet. And this is just the first day — tomorrow there’ll be even more in places like London, Rio and Melbourne.

Now it’s time to show these stunning organising images to world leaders  — literally. We are collecting photos and videos from actions all over the world, and we will display them on huge screens in New York City so heads of state coming to the city for the climate summit wont miss them.

Please share your images with us — let’s show what Action, Not Words looks like!

  • Submit your photos and videos: send them to us following the instructions here. We’ll make sure we’ll display them on screens during the People’s Climate March in New York. We’ll also feature some of them on People’s Climate website.
  • Share on social media: You can also share images on social media using the hashtag #PeoplesClimate. We will be tracking and featuring these posts on the People’s Climate Mobilisation website and at the march in New York City — and re-sharing on social media too!

All of us, everywhere, together, demanding Actions, Not Words on climate — and in pictures. There’s no way heads of state will miss that.


Eduardo, Hoda, Mahir, Payal, and Will for the whole team

PS: If you want to join another People’s Climate Mobilisation action tomorrow (or if you could not make it today) you may still find another action nearby — search for another event here.