People's Climate Mobilisation

Latin America



Organize a meetup in preparation for the Global Frackdown on October 11. Get your friends together, organize a discussion about how fracking threatens your community and get ready for Global Frackdown!

We want a world that develops sustainable economies to meet the needs of communities everywhere. Unfortunately the influence of the fracking industry has governments and economic institutions in Latin America under their control, which results in constant opening of new blocks in agricultural areas, indigenous lands, watersheds and other spaces where communities are highly impacted. This means that we need to create the cultural and political conditions that will enable governments to stand up to the fracking industry and take bold action on climate change.

We need to mobilise people on climate change in a way that builds people power. Only when politicians/governments feel that there are political consequences to not taking climate change seriously, will they act. Together we will lay the foundation for movement that will free Latin America from fracking.

Get your friends together, host a meetup in preparation for the Global Frackdown on October 11 and hold a discussion about the issue. You can screen videos, hold Q&A’s sessions, organize a debate, and create groups who’ll be taking action on October as part of a global mobilisation against fracking.

Don’t forget to document your event and send us your materials!

Here is an amazing video which explains the dangers of fracking. You can screen it during your meetup and discuss with the group:

Organize plans for Global Frackdown — get people committed to take action, divide responsibilities among the group, set up communication tools, keep your team motivated and ready for the global activity!

You can also use #peoplesclimate on social media when posting content — we’ll be tracking the hashtag.