OUR MISSION —The LGBTQ community stands for climate action – we are organizing events, fun and creative actions, and a bloc at the march itself. We believe that we have a ton of creativity, excitement, insight and general fierceness that we can bring to this mobilization, and as LGBTQ people we will uphold our tradition of standing together for the benefit of all people. Join us!


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It Gets Wetter

#ItGetsWetter It gets wetter. Seriously. Well it gets drier too, depending on where you are. But mostly, especially on the coasts, it gets wetter. In fact a brand new UN report on climate change says sea levels could eventually rise of over 20 feet if we don’t give our climate a chill pill. Holy shit! (More...)

Our Fight Too: An LGBTQ Response to Climate Change

We are LGBTQ people and we’re standing up to face climate change as the single biggest threat to humanity. Progress on LGBTQ equality has demonstrated to the world that all people deserve dignity and respect. We must build on our successes to include future generations and those already suffering the impacts of climate change. Catastrophic (More...)