joseph joseph, July 22, 2014

We are LGBTQ people and we’re standing up to face climate change as the single biggest threat to humanity.

Progress on LGBTQ equality has demonstrated to the world that all people deserve dignity and respect. We must build on our successes to include future generations and those already suffering the impacts of climate change.

Catastrophic climate change has the potential to further destabilize already stressed societies. Queer people, like many minority or marginalized communities around the world, will be especially vulnerable. We believe that LGBTQ movements have a responsibility to address the climate crisis now, before our community is placed at further risk.

We’ve trained for this fight. We have faced persecution because of who we are and stood up to those who denied our existence. Our communities faced near extinction throughout the early HIV/AIDS crisis. Today we are all facing the grave threat of an unstable climate.

While governments and corporations refused to acknowledge the severity of the AIDS crisis — an eerie parallel to the response to date on climate change — we educated the masses, told our stories, harnessed the media, raised money, and in a very short time moved nations and industries to act on behalf of people living with HIV around the world.

We’ve also made same-sex marriage, once unimaginable, a reality on almost every continent — now we must build on our successes by tackling our generation’s greatest challenge. We’ve already moved mountains, and we will do it again.

Lastly, we recognize that LGBTQ communities share a rich tradition of creative, fun, thought-provoking action. We build powerful alliances across classes, races, gender identities, and nationalities.

This moment is our opportunity to reignite these talents and our shared experiences toward a cause that benefits all people and the planet as a whole.

As a signatory to this letter*, I will do one or more of the below:

*To add your name or your organization to this letter, please email: queers-for-the-climate (at) or joseph (at)


·      I will join the People’s Climate March on September 21st in New York City, and show my support by marching with the LGBTQ block

·      I will spread the word to my constituents, my business partners, my friends, family and community about the People’s Climate March

·      I will use social media, email blasts and other digital tools to rally support for the march in the weeks leading up to September 21st


JUSTIN VIVIAN BOND, Singer-Songwriter, Performer
MICAH BUCEY, Community Minister of the Arts, Judson Memorial Church
REV. PAT BUMGARDNER, The Global Justice Institute
LADY BUNNY, Performer
LESLIE CAGAN, Peace and Justice Organizer
, Actor, Filmmaker
EARL DAX, Independent Curator and Producer
Fierce, LGBT People of Color Caucus, Union Theological Seminary
AVRAM FINKELSTEIN, Artist, writer, founding member of ACT UP and Gran Fury
DAN FISHBACK, Artist and Director of The Helix Queer Performance Network
JEREMY HEIMANS, CEO and co-founder,
LANCE HORNE, Emmy-winning Singer/Composer/Music Director
JOSEPH HUFF-HANNON, Campaigner / Activist, Writer
The Metropolitan Community Church of New York
Queers for the Climate
Queer Caucus, Union Theological Seminary

TOSHI REAGON, Singer-Songwriter
Rivers at Rehobeth Church
IRA SACHS, Filmmaker
MAX STEELE, Writer / Musician / Performer
KEN STONE, Professor and Dean, Chicago Theological Seminary
PETERSON TOSCANO GLEN RETIEF, Citizens Climate Lobby Sunbury, PA chapter
BASIL TWIST, Director and Puppetry artist
MARYA WARSHAW, Founding and Executive Director at Brooklyn Arts Exchange
REV. NANCY WILSON, Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches Worldwide
JAY WEGMAN, Director Abrons Art Center