People's Climate Mobilisation



During the PCM and Ban Ki Moon Summit, Pacific Climate Warriors across 14 Pacific Islands will be preparing for their journey to Australia. On this day, they will gather local supporters for photos and rallies, using the traditional canoes that they have built to carry a powerful message from the Islands on climate change: Action to Protect the Pacific; Not words!

In the Pacific Islands we will launch a photo project with the canoes that our Warriors have built for the journey and events in Australia.  The canoes will be put on display or taken on tour to different villages where the community will have an opportunity to take photos with it and give it a “send off” as it carries the hope of climate justice for the Pacific Island it will represent.  We will have banners that will tour with the canoes that will say how the Pacific Warriors journey is in solidarity with the PCM.

Some of our Islands will also organise PCM solidarity marches in the Islands which we will record and photograph and send through to our friends in New York.  The teams will also create PCM banners for the marches and will arrange other local events in addition to the march in support.  These may be rallies, community workshop events and outreach to schools and church groups.

Find out more about the Pacific Climate Warrior campaign at, and sign the pledge to stand with the warriors here.