Blessed Be! The Pagan Cluster and the Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC are both organizing presences at the Peoples Climate March. We look forward to marching with you!

If you’d like to march with Pagans on Sunday, Sept. 21, there are two places to find us! Please see below!

The Pagan Cluster will gather on Central Park West between 71st and 72nd Street as part of the “Solutions” contingent of the march. Please arrive between 8:00-9:00 a.m. Look for “Rising Sun” imagery! If possible, please wear colors that evoke the image of rising sun.

The Pagan Environmental Coalition will convene with other Pagans on West 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues btw 9:00-10:00 a.m. (please consider arriving closer to 9:00 a.m.) on Sunday, Sept. 21, in the faith contingent as part of the “The Debate is Over!” faction. We will feed into the main march from there. Please enter 58th Street from 9th Avenue and look for the Pentacles signs!

Where Pagans will meet up!

Where PEC-NYC will meet up!

MISSION OF THE PAGAN CLUSTER– The Pagan Cluster is a loose gathering of individuals and affinity groups who bring an earth-based spirituality to global justice and peace actions. With courage and friendship, our community strives to create a better world. We practice the art of changing global consciousness by incorporating music, drums, ritual, myth, humor and magic into our actions.

Events involve a large diversity of groups with differing strategies, but our cluster always remains committed to nonviolent tactics. Members decide what each action will include by sharing spiritual insights and participating in consensus-based direct democracy.

Many of us have roots in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft

Pagan Cluster has consensed to Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity

As part of the Peoples Climate March we agree to observe the Jemez Principles of Environmental Justice. 


The Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC of aims to organize, educate, and coordinate action in the Pagan community in New York State and beyond to address environmental issues. This is a faith-based action group composed of a wide cross-section of Traditions, groups, and Solitary Practitioners.

Current actions include education about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), presence at anti-fracking demonstrations, and support for green infrastructure such as wind power.

PEC-NYC has focused on creating space for the Pagan Community within the Interfaith contingent of the People’s Climate March. We look forward to meeting and greeting our friends from close by and far away!


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Thursday 9/11, 8pm ET

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We are the Rising Sun!! We are the Change!!

The Pagan Cluster joins the People’s Climate March with this intention: We join with hundreds of thousands in NYC and connected events around the world to stand for climate justice, to stand for the Earth, and participate in solutions for a sustainable, just and peaceful world! Along the path to solutions we are facing the (More...)

Bring ribbons for the Tree of Life!

In Ireland and Britain, among many other places around the world, you will find ribbons adorning the trees around sacred wells and sacred sites. They are offerings in gratitude or sometimes prayers to the spirits of the place.  This tradition has landed on the shores of the “New World” and is part of a massive (More...)

Sponsored Transportation!

SPONSORED TRAVEL IS CLOSED!!!! Thank you to all who donated! We were able to bring five Pagan marchers to NYC for this historic event!  Because of the generous support lent to PEC-NYC’s Indigogo Campaign, it is a pleasure to announce travel sponsorship for a select number of Pagan climate marchers via one of the climate (More...)

NYC Survival Guide

A few words of advice from the Witches of the Boroughs – many thanks to the Pagan Environmental Coalition for this wisdom. What to bring: * Comfortable and supportive shoes. NYC pavement is meaner on feet than roaches on soft pretzel ends. Wear comfortable shoes! THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH. Be good to your feet! (More...)

Visions of the March

During Visitor’s Day at Vermont Witchcamp we had a table at lunch to discuss the People’s Climate March and various messages and themes we could bring as the Pagan Cluster.  We started from a place of positivity, asking ourselves, “How do we shine light on the world we want?” – and trying to think of (More...)