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10/7/2014 @ the City CoHo

Thousands of Philadelphians Will Travel to New York for Historic Climate March

Local groups representing broad tapestry of Philadelphia will participate in People’s Climate March Sept 21 PHILADELPHIA – More than 3,000 parents, students, workers, congregants, nurses, business owners, immigrants, activists, and people from all walks of life will travel from the Philadelphia area to New York City on Sunday to participate in the historic People’s Climate March, the largest (More...)

65+ Philadelphia Organizations Unite for Climate Justice

IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 2, 2014 CONTACT: Jen Hombach, 350 Philly 717-818-8215 350philadelphia@gmail.com Everybody and Their Uncle from Philly is Going to the Big Climate March in New York Philadelphia labor, faith, social justice, environmental, business, student, community groups team up for largest climate march in history Sept 21 PHILADELPHIA – A still-growing coalition of over 60 (More...)

Philly Greenfest / Disruption Screenings Sept 7

350Philly is Representing the Peoples Climate March at the 9th Annual Phliadelphia Greenfest! We will be hosting 3 stations: An ART TENT where we will be working on the Climate Ribbon project, a national work that will culminate on Sept 21 at the terminus of the March, where thousands of hopes for the future are shared and (More...)

Op-Ed in the Inquirer!

http://www.philly.com/philly/opinion/20140901_Show_leaders_that_people_care_about_climate_change.html By Lynne Iser As a baby boomer, I’ve been around long enough to see plenty of changes. I’ve watched as America has progressed from a manufacturing powerhouse to a technological marvel. From the victories of the civil rights movement to the end of the Cold War to the growth of the Internet – one (More...)

Treasure Trove of Philly Local Organizing Info

http://pennsylvania.sierraclub.org/southeastern/pcm.html Want to print flyers with local information already on them? Get involved with arts events and farmers markets? Jibjab on the phone with everyone and their mother because this movement to Change Everything requires Every One of us? Of course you do! Welp–here is your toolkit — Get out there, grasshopper! (Special shout out and gratitude (More...)


Hello All!Phone Banking is an integral part of getting people to show up for this Peoples Climate March. While you may occassionally read e-mails, how likely do you think the average person is to take action from reading words on a screen? Having conversations with a real human who cares about an event or issue (More...)

Flyering Events!

There are several ongoing events in Philadelphia that are amazing opportunities to connect with locals who could get on board with the Peoples Climate March. Farmers Markets –22nd & Fairmount on Thursdays 3pm-7pm –Fitler Square (23rd & Spruce) on Saturdays 9am-2pm –Headhouse Square (2nd & South) on Sundays (10am-2pm) –Clark Park (44th & Baltimore) on (More...)

The Hot Pepper Challenge!

Hello All! The Hot Pepper Challenge is something the Philadelphia contingent came up with to:  a) admittedly ride on the coattails of the social media madness surrounding the Ice Bucket Challenge  b) increase the network of individuals aware of the Peoples Climate March  c) engage a broader community in getting involved–liking, sharing, and attending!!! So far, (More...)