OUR MISSION —Uniting sacrifice zones from across the US to build solidarity to remodel these locales. Cleaning up environmental contamination and shifting the economy towards one built on sustainability.

We are calling for ban of mountain top removal of coal as one of our top priorities, sighting this as one of the longest running environmental abuses in the state of WV.

Sacrifice Zones have been present in the US since the industrial revolution. Also referred to as “internal colonies” where not only the environment, but individuals and families alike are collateral damage of corporate power and greed. Chris Hedges has called sacrifice zones one of the “greatest crimes of human history.” As sacrifice zones effect low income and overwhelming majority of those effected are people of color, these practices of industrial exploitation have been called environmental racism.

Sacrifice Zones are regional areas that have been devastated by through exposure of toxic chemical used in the process of fossil fuel extraction and other industries that release toxic chemicals into our environment.

We want to raise the level of consciousness sacrifice zones and begin a discussion on ending the practice of corporate polluters who ignore regulations by negligently disposing and dumping toxic waste. Particularly this practice has targeted the poor and people of color as the victims of their abuse and exploitation.


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