NYC and Tri-State Teachers, Students, and Parents!

Join us for the People’s Climate March!

On September 21st, people will be marching in NYC and in cities around the world demanding that our leaders take action on climate change and stand up for future generations. Join us for this beautiful and historic moment.

Logistical Update:

The People’s Climate March is on Sunday, September 21st

Parents, Kids, Families, and Students block. — meet up at 66th and Central Park West, and north on that block. You will not be able to enter every side street, but you will be able to enter on 66th street.

People should arrive around 10 am. 

Kids– want to save the world? Dress like superheroes and animals!

Parents– make signs with your kids! They can make a sign about something they love, something they don’t want to lose to climate change, or anything else related!

Since there will be a decent amount of wait time before we start marching, please bring activities for your kids like bubbles, chalk, hula hoops, sign-making materials, etc.

More logistical tips available at:


Here are 3 ways you can get involved:

1. NYC & Tri-State Students, Parents: Sign up to win $5,000– just by getting the word out about the march at your school!

The school with the most #selfies at the climate march will win a $5,000 Sustainability Grant for their school!Click here to enter YOUR NYC-area K-12 school:

2. NYC Teachers: Download our Teacher’s Toolkit! This includes sample lesson plans about climate change, a parent’s flyer, info about how parents and students can get involved, and more.Click here to download: PCMTeachersToolkit

3. For *FREE* color flyers delivered to your school, please fill out this Flyer Request Form 🙂

Preview and download flyers here:

Full Page Parent Flyer, color: Climate March email

1/2 Page Parent Flyer, color: Climate March Postcard – 2up

1/2 Page Parent Flyer, black and white: Climate March Postcard BW – 2up


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