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More profiles of the incredible folks joining the Tar Sands Bloc at the march!

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September 12, 2014

East Texas Activists to Join Tar Sands Bloc at People’s Climate March
Advocates fighting Keystone XL and other tar sands pipelines will join the march to stand up for climate justice and property rights
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New York, NY – As tens of thousands of people gather in New York City on September 21st for the largest demonstration for climate action in history, representatives from communities along the Keystone XL route plan to march as a “Tar Sands Bloc” dedicated to voicing their opposition to expansion of dirty, carbon-intensive tar sands and calling for a moratorium on dangerous tar sands projects.

Among the activists coming together as part of the Bloc is Julia Trigg Crawford, the third generation manager of her family’s farm in Direct, Texas on the banks of the Red River. Purchased in 1948, Red’Arc Farm grows wheat, corn, and soybeans. In 2011, Julia Trigg refused TransCanada’s offer for an easement across her farm to build the Keystone XL pipeline, so the land was taken through eminent domain. She appealed that condemnation all the way to the Texas Supreme Court, and even though that appeal was denied, and the pipeline built across her farm is carrying tar sands, she continues to fight for climate justice, property rights, and eminent domain reform. In 2012, Julia Trigg was among the group of over 1200 people arrested in front of the White House calling on President Obama to reject Keystone, and her activism has been featured in a documentary on the fight against TransCanada, called “Above All Else,” which is screening in New York City on September 20th as part of the Climate March.

She will join thousands of other advocates from across Canada and the United States raising their voices against the Keystone XL pipeline and fighting to protect their communities from tar sands. “My fight began six years ago here in Texas to simply protect our family farm against the Keystone XL. But with every court hearing I attended, every rally in which I marched, and every conversation I had, I realized how much bigger the fight really was. I was taking a stand not just for my land, but for our planet. My family did not win our legal case, and the tar sands pipeline was built across our land, a frightening sight I must look at every day. But there’s victory in adding my voice to the deafening roar on Climate Change, and power in standing with hundreds of thousands who care as I do about the future of Mother Earth. Our voices, our votes, our commitment – it’s what this movement is all about. That’s why I’ll be standing tall and proud in New York City at the People’s Climate March.”

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For more information about the bloc, visit http://2014.peoplesclimate.org/tarsandsbloc/