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Walk the Walk – We Have Solutions! – brought to you by:
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On Sunday, September 21, hundreds of thousands of people will march in New York City for a strong, international climate treaty – and techies of all types will be there! Explore the tech hub for information about ways you can get involved, whether you’re coming to NYC or planning a solidarity action where you are.

Hackers, Techies, Geeks, Engineers, Builders, Makers, Unite to Disrupt Climate Change and Build Climate Justice

Here’s all the latest logistical information for the day of the March. Check back here often for updates.


The Technology Contingent – i.e., all of the tech groups together –  will assemble on Central Park West around 75th Street on the day of the March. You will be able to enter the CPW from 72nd and 77th Streets only.

  • You may enter the block as early as 8:00 am on the day of the March.
  • ThoughtWorks and friends will gather at 10:00 for an open-source picnic in Central Park at the statue of Simon Bolivar (just northeast of Sixth Avenue /Avenue of the Americas and Central Park South) 


The various contingents of the March have been grouped into six “themes” to help weave our many powerful messages together:

  • Frontlines Of Crisis, Forefront Of Change
  • We Can Build The Future!
  • We Have Solutions!
  • We Know Who Is Responsible!
  • The Debate Is Over!
  • To Change Everything, It Takes Everyone!

The Technology Contingent will be marching as part of the third theme (We Have Solutions!). You don’t need to change your plans, or do anything, to respond to this theme. It’s merely the element that our section represents within the overall story told by the March.

Step-off time:

The Technology Contingent will step off from 58th Street to take its place within the march whenever the “We Have Solutions!” theme group reaches Columbus Circle. We’re anticipating this will be sometime between 12:00 and 1:00, but it could be earlier and may very well be later.

March route:

Once we’ve taken our place within the We Have Solutions! theme group, we’ll all proceed along the following route:

2014.08.18 PCM route map

The March will end on 11th Avenue in the four-block area between 38th and 34th Streets.

What to bring (and not to bring):
  • Make and bring your own signs, banners, t-shirts and flags to identify your congregation and/or faith tradition – be creative! Do not use metal, wooden, or even plastic poles or supports for your signs and banners; only cardboard tubing or string.
  • Bring some light food and drinks (refillable water bottles are encouraged – please no disposable water bottles!). However, travel as light as you possibly can. Do not bring a backpack or large bag of any kind if you can possibly avoid it – not only would that weigh you down, it would also draw the attention of the police, who might want to search the bag.
  • Do not bring bullhorns; however, unamplified musical instruments are encouraged. (the march will be passing Fox News headquarters – you are encouraged to let your voice be heard and make noise when passing.)
  • It will probably take at least 2 hours to get from Columbus Circle to the end of the route – so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Check the forecast and dress appropriately. If it’s going to be a sunny day, bring sun-screen.
  • Bring a garbage bag to pick up litter along the way!

After the March:

There are plans to create various activities and opportunities for engagement for the end of the March. One of these will be a ritual for the Climate Ribbon Project.

Of course, all are invited to the multi-faith service at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, uptown at Amsterdam and 110th Street. Go here for more information, and to get a pass (not required but strongly suggested).

  • The logistics team has told us there will be Porta-Johns on our block of 58th Street, and at the end of the March.
  • There are plans to establish an area midway along the route (likely on 6th Avenue between 44th and 42nd Streets) where those with mobility issues can wait to join the March for the remainder of the route. This would also be an opportunity for those who need to leave the March route early to do so.
  • There are also plans to have a vehicle (or vehicles) trailing the March, giving lifts to those who need them.

The information here will be updated as needed, so check back frequently! Questions about the logistics for the Interfaith Contingent, or suggestions about this page? Email