Getting to and Staying
in New York City

On this page, you’ll find links to available buses, trains, rideboards and creative group transit ideas near you to get the NYC for September 21st. More and more seats will be up for grabs as we get closer to September so — check this page regularly!

National and Regional Transit

Amtrak and regional rail options

Amtrak is offering a 10% discount off the best available rail fare to (New York, NY) between (September 15, 2014 – September 24, 2014). To book your reservation call Amtrak at 1 (800) 872-7245 or contact your local travel agent.  This convention rate cannot be booked via Internet. Please be sure to refer to Convention Fare Code X22T-908 when making your reservation.

Accessible Parking Outside NYC

Secaucus Junction train station has a lot of inexpensive parking. The train station is right off Route 95 in NJ. The train goes directly (one stop) to NY Penn Station and runs several times an hour for $8 round trip.

Waterway Travel NJ and NY

NY Waterway, Port Imperial Terminal is located at 4800 Avenue at Port Imperial, Weehawken, NJ 07086. Ferries leave every 20 minutes and arrive at 39th Street. From there, NY Waterway offers free bus shuttle service crosstown as far as Fifth Avenue. Port Imperial offers ample parking for cars ($13.00) and buses ($26.00). Adult one ferry fare is $9.00 (senior and children’s discounted fares are also offered).

Nationwide and Regional Buses to NYC

Check out local options that your city offers like Greyhound, Amtrak, MegaBus, BOLT bus, etc etc)
North East buses to NYC
Go Rally Bus – 

Bus arrival and departure information

  • The March starts at 11:30 and ends around 4:30pm. Have your bus drop off between 9:00am and 11:00am before the march. If your bus is dropping off earlier than 8:30am, please email with the approximate time. Allow yourself time — there may be traffic.
  • The police have mandated that passengers will be dropped off at 86th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Ave. You’ll be met by bus greeters when you arrive. They’ll give you important info about the march and where to go. PLEASE DON’T DISEMBARK UNTIL A BUS GREETER HAS COME TO SEE YOU.
  • You’ll be receiving your allotted block and bus number via email and a phone call the week of Monday, September 15th. There will also be a map. Once you have that, please make a large sign with your bus number to display in the bus window.
  • The police have mandated all buses have an assigned block number. You won’t get a FREE bus parking spot without one.
  • After the march, you will meet your bus south and west of 11th ave. and 34th st. Your bus should drive there after dropping off passengers for FREE parking.
  • If you are leaving promptly after the march, please have your buses pick up your riders at 4:30pm. Remind all your passengers not to be late for your departure time — consider setting your departure time 20mins before your actual time.


Offer or request a rideshare on the boards below! Use the “channels” feature to toggle between offering a car ride, needing a car ride, and more. Include your bike rides and other fun ways you're inviting people to get to NYC.

If you can't see the ride board below, click here to view it.


There is limited space available for out-of-town participants in the People's Climate March in need of housing. The space is being provided by generous hosts, and is first-come, first-serve.

If you are in need of housing for the People's Climate March, please visit to register as a guest. This does not assure you a spot, but it will allow you to be matched if there are sufficient hosts.

If you are an individual who has space in your home, please visit to register as a host.

If you are able to offer housing for groups or in community spaces, please fill out this form.


Below are some questions we’ve been getting about transportation to and from the march. If you have a question about the march itself, check out the main FAQ section here.

Putting a deposit down on a bus or buses and getting reimbursed for the money is one of the hardest tasks of coordinating a bus but, you have ALL the tools you need to make it happen!

1) The People's Climate March coordination team strongly encourages you to team up with a local organization, church, group or business to help you coordinate your bus, recruit riders/donations from various networks, put your deposit down or potentially pay the difference of any seats sold at a low-income rate or not sold at all. Check out the Bus Captain Toolkit for tips on reaching out to your community for support. If you need funding help or can't out a deposit down, contact

2) The People’s Climate March also has some funding available for subsidizing seats but, we’re prioritizing frontline and low-income communities first. If you’re one of these communities, contact for funding as soon as you can.

3) See the Bus Captain Toolkit for fundraising and recruitment tips! We’d like ticket costs down to $15-100, depending on your locale and how much local financially support you can get. Discount rates for charters are available in cities where 10+ buses are being organized. Contact for more info about establishing your ticket cost.


This September is going to be a success because of the work we all do together – not because of any one person or organization. One of the best things you can do is organize a #climatemarch bus in your local community and invite your school, workplace, family, church, neighborhood and/or organization to come march with us!

The first step towards doing that is to sign up to be a bus captain here! - and we'll support you from there with one on one coaching and resources.

Regardless of how much support you need, please let us know about your bus so we can promote your bus above as well as assign you a day-of bus #, drop-off zone, drop-off time and call-in #. We’ll also be suggesting places to park your bus according to location and cost.

Definitely. The People's Climate March is about empowering everyone to demand action on climate change - and that means supporting people who are trying to do more than they have before. The first thing you should do is sign up to be a bus captain here! - and we'll support you from there with one on one coaching, conference calls with other bus captains, and plenty of resources. We're here to help!

The People's Climate March is going to be the single largest demonstration for real action to combat climate change in history. That means we want people to come however they want - whether that's bus, car, bike, train, foot, or anything else.

Already, people are organizing things like a group Climate Train from California - and we encourage you to use the forum we set up here to talk with others about creative ways to get to New York!

If you’re looking for other public or private transport options, such as Mega Bus, Amtrak, or other similar options, check out’s article “NYC Transportation: Getting here and getting around.”

Once we secure the march route in Manhattan, we’ll be assigning bus #s, drop-off zones, drop-off times and a day-of call-in # to bus captains. We’ll also be suggesting places to park your bus according to location and cost.

Be sure to share your bus info with us and/or sign-up to be a bus captain so we can loop you in directly (and send you a map) when that time comes. Organize your own bus parking in the meantime!

Please do! Sign up here and we'll let you know more about transit options near you.

Unfortunately, while we’re doing our best to subsidize travel costs, we can only help offset the cost of buses. But we encourage you to do fundraising of your own to get to the march!

You can find the PCM Bus Captain Toolkit here. It'll be updated as more day-of logistics get planned and noted in the title on the google doc.

Sign up to be a bus captain to get added to the Bus Captain Google Group!

Each bus is being organized by a local bus captain and the prices will reflect any fundraising, support from local organizations or available subsidies from the PCM Bus Team. Please choose the ticket level that best reflects your situation and will allow the most people to attend the march.


If you have other transportation-related questions that aren’t answered here, e-mail

If you have other questions about the march, check out the main FAQs section here.

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