OUR MISSION — “The current climate movement is racially-segregated. Most large climate and environmental organizations are primarily white and get most of the funding. The environmental justice movement is primarily people of color and gets little funding. However,the effects of climate change will primarily fall on communities of color. All of this is morally unacceptable and politically ineffective. Race is always used to divide social movements. A racially-segregated movement simply will not win. Besides, the people most effected by a problem should have the largest voice in solving it. To succeed, many of us believe our movement should follow the lead of communities of color.

Nobody is born racist, but nobody can avoid becoming racist in this racist society. Increasingly white climate/sustainability activists are taking action to eliminate racism, both internally to change our attitudes and behaviors and externally to take concrete actions to bring financial and volunteer resources to support communities of color in our movement and to follow their leadership. While we do our anti-racism work with people of all races, some of this work is best done in same race groups. This Hub is a space for us white anti-racist activists to network, share our lessons and support one another in doing this work. Please help us demonstrate and enlarge the community of white anti-racist activists to eliminating racism in the climate/sustainability movement.”


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