Women Elders at #PeoplesClimate

OUR MISSION: As women who have lived on this planet for more than 50 or 60 years, we have a deep concern about the trajectory of our planet’s resources for our remaining years but especially for younger, and future generations.



WE invite you to demonstrate to world leaders assembling at the UN for an emergency climate change meeting, that you are part of the collective wisdom of women elders, saying, ‘business as usual’ MUST STOP. The fossil fuel industry, and the economic expansion of industrialized nations are not more important than life on planet earth.

WE care about the inequities of poorer communities in this country, and the less industrialized nations who are getting the first brunt of our excesses.

WE care about weather changes, droughts, floods, contamination, species extinction.

WE know that the future of each person; each living thing, depends on us acting on our belief in our own wisdom.

Elders are not just about the past, WE are about the FUTURE. Join us!

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-Virginia Casper   (New York City)

-Nancy Feinstein  (San Francisco) Email me at nfeinst@gmail.com

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Raging Grannies from far and wide who are planning to attend the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21 will gather to sing our protest songs along the march route as one strong body of elders who want our beautiful planet preserved for the children and grandchildren of tomorrow. We hope to meet for a coordination/rehearsal on Saturday evening, September 20. The time and place are at this time tentative, but more information will be forthcoming as we receive it.

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E-mail us at: nfeinst@gmail.com